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42" Black Pad Mount Gooseneck Pedestal

Hurricane proof, black, gooseck pedestal for card readers, intercoms, and keypad


The 42-9C is a cost effective pad mount pedestal mount meant to hold card readers, intercoms, keypads, telephone entry systems and housings.  Whereas the 42-9C is the most cost effective pad mount unit, it has a little sister companion pedestal model 36-9C">36-9C (6" shorter) and a big brother companion pedestal model 48-9C (6" taller).

All three of these pedestal models are more stable than competing counterparts because ours will not bend, sway, or falter after your security installation is complete.  They are made from heavy duty, 1/8” thick (11-gauge) tubular 2"x2” square steel, a 10-gauge 4"Wx4"H face plate, and a robust .25" base plate.  It will withstand most abuse whether from pedestrians or Mother Nature.  Matter of fact, the 42-9C gooseneck passed our face wind testing which determined that it can survive sustained Category 5 hurricane winds of 157mph (see PDF).  Our competitors units, made from weaker .074” thin (14-gauge) tube, can’t make this claim.  Furthermore, Pedestal CEO goosenecks are bent with the tightest 6" center radius using a state-of-the-art mandrel bending die system in which the neck is formed uniformly, without collapsing the underside of the neck.  You may see competing gooseneck pedestals with very long necks, bent to very loose tolerances, which are not preferred by professional installers.  Pedestal CEO is the leader in pedestal manufacturing and we pay attention to the details.

As with all Pedestal CEO stands, these pad mount intercom pedestals are washed in a phosphate solution to prevent rusting, then heat dried, coated with an outdoor TGIC polyester black wrinkle powder coat finish with UV protectant, and baked at 400°F for the most extreme weatherability.

Finally, unlike some competing products, it’s bottomed off with a sliding cover plate to hide the nuts and bolts used to mount the pedestal to concrete.  When you walk away, having finished your 42-9C installation, you’ll notice this gooseneck pedestal looks clean and professional.

Each pedestal mounting post is boxed individually, wrapped with foam protectors on top and bottom, and includes a package of carriage bolt hardware.  It is shippable via UPS or FedEx.

This specific access pedestal is stocked in black wrinkle but is also available in safety yellow (model 42-9Y), white (model 42-9W), and electrical gray colors.  It is also available in 42-9C-ALUM">aluminum (model 42-9C-ALUM) and 42-9C-SS">brushed stainless steel (model 42-9C-SS).   Heights, arm distances, face plates, and more can be customized.  Just ask for price and availability.  If you prefer an in-ground or wet cement burial post, then take a look at the 64-9C-IN">64-9C-IN or 72-9C-IN">72-9C-IN.

Pedestal CEO has the world's best portfolio of gooseneck pedestals. 

Instructions to pour cement and mount pedestals using the L-Bolt Kit or Stud-Anchor-Kit can be found here.


Height 42.00"
Finish Black Wrinkle TGIC Outdoor Polyester Powder Coat
Face Plate 4" x 4", 8-Hole Universal Pattern, .136" CRS
Base Plate 5" x 5", Holes on 3.00" Centers, .25" CRS, Includes Cover Plate
Tube 2" x 2" Square, .120" Wall (11-Gauge)
Neck 12.00" Reach (On Vertical Center), 90° Bend using 6.00" Center Radius
Material Heavy Gauge Steel
Weight 17 lbs.
Box Size 45" x 12" x 7"
Hardware Includes 1 Polybag per Face Plate (each Polybag contains 4 = 1/4-20 Carriage Bolts & Nuts)