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48" ADA Stainless Tower


A handicap actuator post made from thick stainless steel tube to mount door opener buttons and readers


Beauty in simplicity.

This stainless steel bollard post is ideal for handicap actuator push plates, card readers, and other door opener devices and happens to be the absolute favorite among professional installers! 

As one of many bollard-style pedestals in the industry, this tower is unique.  It has been blueprinted from the ground up with the “high-value customer” in mind.  Many say its sleek rectangular architecture with a narrow depth of 4”, combined with a broader width of 6”, simply looks better than the run-of-the-mill square bollards.  We agree. 

Furthermore, many immediately notice subtle features that exude finer craftsmanship such as the perfectly safe rounded edges, brushed #4 uniform finish, and the mount’s “signature” feature– a tapered top cap!  Most installers admit this stainless pedestal has a little extra touch of class.  Others have commented that this
push plate bollard has the most modern look & feel possible and scores high on aesthetics.  Whatever you’re prone to say, you can rest assured that this item will be an attractive addition to your customer’s warm and inviting entry-lobby.
Charm isn’t its only strength, its construction is also beyond the norm.  Made with the best materials available and cared for by true stainless craftsmen, this bollard is unmatched by weight alone.  With very heavy gauge (11-gauge, 1/8” wall) thick tube (not flimsy sheet metal), it weighs almost twice as much as other
touch plate bollards in the industry.  Made from #304 stainless steel that withstands 70,000 lbs. per square inch and formed in a way to survive sustained category 5 hurricane winds, our 3D modeling/testing shows this bollard tearing the concrete from the ground before it will bend or break– so don’t worry about its ability to stand the test of time!

Lastly, great care has been taken to ensure this bollard is tamper proof without sacrificing its clean, streamlined look.  A low-profile access panel on the backside mounted with security screws allows plenty of room for installers, but discourages security breaches from would-be intruders.

And we’ve saved the best for last!  Believe it or not, this push plate
actuator bollard is no more expensive than less well-made products being sold.  The most common comment we receive from a professional installing this pedestal for the first time is, “I wish I knew about this pedestal ten years ago!” 

No wonder installers who routinely work with
door opener buttons, touch plate handicap actuators, and cards readers keep coming back to the ADA-Stainless-Tower made by Pedestal CEO.


Height 48.00"
Finish Brushed #4 (180 Grit) Stainless Steel
Cutout 2.00"W x 3.00"T, Single Gang
Base Plate Internal, Accessible from the Backside, 6" x 4", Holes on 2.50" and 4.00" Centers, .375" Stainless Steel
Tube 6" x 4" Rectangle, .120" Wall (11-Gauge)
Neck NA
Material #304 Stainless Steel
Weight 35 lbs.
Box Size 51" x 8" x 6"
Hardware None