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Hood for Push Button or Card Reader

Model #: HOOD-CS-14X14

An outdoor/exterior hood for card readers and push buttons to guard against weather and code theft


An exterior hood to guard against weather and code theft, for outdoor card readers and push buttons.

Made from 16-gauge steel.  The overhang extends 3.0"-3.5" and tapers down to a sidewall at 1.75". Built with a large 1.8" diameter access hole centered on the back side with multiple .25" knockouts to match up to any wall or pedestal.

Cleaned using a phosphate solution to prevent rusting, then heat dried, coated generously with an outdoor TGIC polyester black wrinkle powder coat with UV protectant, and finally baked at 400°F for the most extreme weatherability.

Stocked in black wrinkle but also available in safety yellow, white, or electrical gray colors. Also available in aluminum or stainless steel material.

Call for price and lead time on all card reader hood variations.


Height 14.00"
Width 14.00"
Top Overhang 3.5", tapers to 1.75" at sidewall bottom
Finish Black Wrinkle TGIC Outdoor Polyester Powder Coat
Knockouts qty 16, .25" diam
Center Hole 1.75" diam
Material Thickness 16 gauge
Weight 7 lbs.
Box Size 15" x 15" x 4"
Hardware None