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Polymer Housing for Long Range Readers

Model #: LANDO-KY-20x14-E-BLK

plastic, thermoplastic, polymer, hood


This reliable polymer housing eliminates the reader's range interference caused by mounting long range card readers, including HID's Maxi-Prox 5375, to a metallic surface such as steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.  This thermoplastic housing boasts of high wear-and-tear properties and fits perfectly around a 11.88"W x 11.88"T HID-5375 long range card reader while still leaving horizontal space for an additional device or two such as an intercom or camera.  

The back box area for wiring is made of .5" composite material and is approximately 3.0" deep.  The hood portion is made from .25" material and is roughly 3.5" deep.  The combination is a heavy duty interference-free solution that is easy to install (no plastic ribbing to work around, no steel hinges, and the best protection available in hot or cold weather).  Completely sealed, the back plane has very small dimple marks as target points for drilling your own holes.

The material is slightly textured for a close match to the wrinkle powder coat used on most pedestals.

Using this housing will conform your installation to HID's requirements of mounting off a metallic surface by 1.00".  

Currently available in black, white, or safety yellow. 

Note:  Electronic devices shown in the image are sold separately.



Material .25" and .50" Thermoplastic
Fire Retardant Yes
Performance Significantly higher impact strength and extensibility than ABS or PVC
Constitution Less hydroscopic than ABS
Weatherability UV protected
Corrosiveness Resistant to a broad range of chemicals and road salts
Breakage Higher breakage resistance measured by the Notched Izod test than competitive thermoplastics
Material Tested and "Passed" Federal Aviation Administration FAR 25.853 (a)
Hinge Stainless Steel
Cam Lock Zinc Plated