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Portrait 8x16 Steel Housing

Model #: PORTRA-CS-8X16-E

Camera housing for pedestals to mount intercoms, keypads, push buttons, actuators, and cameras


A non-proprietary, universal, outdoor housing that gives security installers flexibility to mount multiple proprietary access control devices above-and-below each other.  These are used often at pedestrian or vehicular access points in parking, access control or gated entry applications. This is one of many members in an entire family of well-made, lockable, steel housing boxes.  There are a few (but important) criteria that make Pedestal CEO housings the best for professional installers:

Will the housing fit my access control devices?  Yes.  
Any Pedestal CEO housing can fit hundreds of combinations of devices such as card readers, intercoms, keypads, cameras, actuators, push buttons, control switches, and more.  For your convenience, card reader housings are available in multiple portrait, landscape and square shapes and sizes.  There are small housings to fit a single device (such as the 8x8”) and larger housings that fit multiple devices (such as the 24x24”)… as well as everything in between.

When considering a housing, make sure you take into account the 1.75” distance between the top of the housing and the bottom of the cam lock.  For a housing such as an 8x8” (keypad housing), this would only give you 6.25”T to mount a device; however, for a housing such as a 20x14” (long range proximity reader housing), this may not matter since the cam lock is likely to be centered in the unused area between 2 larger devices you mount side by side.  Custom heights are available.  Ask for price and lead time.

If you are cutting out parts of the door panel to accommodate flush mount devices, please take into account the door jams on the back left and right sides of the door panel.  Generally, a .5” border should be undisturbed on the left, right, and bottom when cutting to preserve these door jams (which also contain weather seals.)  All cutout areas are disclosed on the item’s PDF drawings.  Custom widths are available.  Ask for price and lead time.

This outdoor card reader enclosure has a 3.0” deep back box area.  This is sufficient for most flush mount devices; however, if you are installing flush mount devices (such as 4" deep cameras) which require deeper back box areas then please ask for price and availability.  Custom back box depths are available.

Will the housing provide the necessary security?  Yes.
Pedestal CEO intercom housings are made from bent and welded 16-gauge sheet metal, not plastic– like some competing products.  If you were a vandal, would you be more deterred from steel construction or plastic?  Furthermore, each stock housing has a 3.5”D (top) and 1.75”D (bottom) tapered hood for hand privacy providing a 60° visual cone… eliminating 120° (60° from the left and 60° from the right) from the field-of-view of onlookers and potential code thieves.  Custom hood depths [such as 6.0”D (top) and 4.75”D (bottom)] provide even greater security and are available upon request.  Ask for price and lead time.  Finally, each cam lock provided is “keyed-alike”; however, “keyed-different” cam locks are also available.  Ask for price and lead time. 

Will the housing survive Mother Nature?  Yes.
First and foremost, the greatest eyesore over time is a rusty hinge.  Pedestal CEO has eliminated this problem by fabricating all its exterior card reader housings with stainless steel hinges!  Second, our wind face test modeling has determined these gooseneck pedestal boxes will survive sustained Category 5 hurricane winds of 157mph.  Third, each push button housing is washed in a phosphate detergent solution (rust inhibitor) and powder coated at 400°F to fill the open pores in the hot steel with an outdoor, polyester TGIC, UV-protected powder coat finish. Once cooled, the baked-on powder provides a tough layer to prevent scratching, rusting, or fading in the sun.

Each card reader pedestal housing also contains a weather proof zinc-plated cam lock, weather tight door panel (sealed using 3/8” weather stripping between the door panel and door jams), and 3.5” deep weather canopy for protecting your access control devices from sun, rain and snow.

Is the housing easy to install?  Yes.
The backside contains 12 knockouts for various mounting options on any gooseneck pedestal, bollard or wall and a centered 1.8” diameter hole for conduit access.  The door panel is easily removable (from the inside) and is made from 16-gauge steel that can be cut and drilled for flush mount electronics.  If you don’t care to perform your own cutouts, then Pedestal CEO offers these cutout services.  Simply send us your hole pattern specifications and ask for price and lead time.

Is the housing affordable and readily-available?  Yes.
Our pricing is very competitive and most everything you see online is stocked inventory.  Since we have the largest selection of housings, our economies-of-scale help bring costs down for you.  It has been noted that our steel solutions are even less expensive than plastic (lexan polycarbonate) products in the industry.  And we usually ship within 24 hours of receiving your order.  There is no order too large or too small.  Pedestal CEO’s core competency is to care for security and access control professionals and we are better at providing these solutions than your local fabrication shop. 

Are custom housings available?  Yes.
We welcome custom projects.    All models you see online are available in carbon steel (in stock), stainless steel (certain models in stock), and aluminum... and are also available in black wrinkle (in stock), brushed #4 stainless steel finish (certain models in stock), white, safety yellow, and electrical gray.   Just about any color can be made available.  Additional pricing and lead times may apply to a particular variation.  Send us your ideas and ask for price and lead time.  We have in-house design experts to help advise you on materials, processes, costs and lead times.


Height 16.00"
Width 8.00"
Top Overhang 3.5", tapers to 1.75" at sidewall bottom
Back Box Area 3.00"D
Total Depth 6.5"
Finish Black Wrinkle TGIC Outdoor Polyester Powder Coat
Hinge Stainless Steel
Removable Door Panel Yes
Includes Cam Lock and Key Yes
Includes Weather Stripping Yes
Fully Assembled Yes
Knockouts qty 16, .25" diam
Center Hole 1.75" diam
Material Thickness 16 gauge
Weight 12 lbs.
Box Size 17" x 9" x 7"
Hardware None