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About Pedestal CEO

Pedestal CEO is the leading pedestal manufacturer in the security, access control, gate and fence industries.  With over 100,000 installations worldwide our mounting solutions have been tried, tested and proven in virtually every weather climate known to man.  Our ability to quickly create stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel products using the highest quality materials and the best production processes has made Pedestal CEO the #1 choice of professional installers in the world. 

Our products are guaranteed to provide strength, longevity, and ultimately the greatest customer satisfaction.  Our products include pedestals, stanchions, bollards, goosenecks, poles, posts, mounts, and stands with matching hoods, housings, NEMA 4 enclosures, lock boxes and shrouds for security devices such as card readers, intercoms, keypads, security cameras, push plates, actuators, call buttons, telephone entry, fire access, micro switches, and much more.  Search among our comprehensive list of stock items or request a custom quote from our world class fabrication team.

Pike Goss
President & CEO
Ph: (800) 660-3072
FX: (801) 907-7773